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We are a custom monogramming house located in Fairfield County, Connecticut that specializes in custom vinyl monograms, lettering and designs for any monograms, cell phone/computer/blackberry monograms, motorcycle monagrams and designs, home gifts and home decor items. We take great pride in our meticulous handcrafting and design, and guarantee that our products are the best on the market. We welcome any comments, questions or suggestions, and we are happy to custom create any specialized monograms or sayings that you may be looking for. Just send us an email with your request and let us create something special for you today!


By email:

By phone:
203-885-3292 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. eastern standard time)
Shipping Information:

Our products generally take 3-5 working days to custom create before shipping.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Our products are custom created items, and are therefore non-returnable. Please order carefully. In the event of our error, we will happily replace them item free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1) The surface where the decal will be placed must be dry and free of dust, grease or any material that will prevent good adhesion. Do not use a cleaner containing ammonia. The decal will adhere to most flat smooth surfaces including metals, plastic, glass and painted objects.
2) Very carefully remove the backing from the decal. The decal will adhere to the front tape. If the decal starts to pull away from the front tape, stop, lay the decal flat face up - and apply pressure through the front tape around the decal shape. Any rounded, smooth object will suffice to apply the pressure. Use caution to not tear or wrinkle the decal. Continue to remove the decal from the backing.
3) Position the front tape with the decal where you want it and then gently smooth it onto the surface. When placed, rub the front tape more vigorously with a smooth object (so you will not tear the tape) to insure that the decal is attached and that there are no air bubbles.
4) Slowly peel away the front tape leaving the decal on the desired surface. If the decal starts to lift with the tape, stop and rub the decal again through the front tape. Continue removing the front tape until only the decal remains. Enjoy!
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